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Time to Replace Treo 680 ( Treo 680 vs Nokia E63 and E71)

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So it looks like my treo is finally dead, It doesn’t get any signal any more.

I’m looking into either a Nokia E71 or Nokia E63

feature my treo 680 nokia E63 nokia E71
price $300 30 NIS x 36 mo 90 NIS * 24 mo
phone Sometimes doesn’t work
bluetooth sometimes has connection problems yes yes
talktime < 6hr 11hr 11hr
camera VGA 2MP 3MP Auto focus
dimensions 117mm x 69.7mm x 14mm
sound switch yes no -50NIS volume (?)
wifi no yes yes
gizmo project yes VOIP yes yes
IM yes AIM toccer free and GizmoProject also free(MSN and AIM).
SSH yes Putty Putty
hebrew Yes (bought language) not on keys Yes Yes
IMAP yes Yes Yes
push mail Exchange only, Seven for imap Yes Yes
native osx sync^1 no Yes. Yes.
address book photo sync no Yes Yes
speaker phone yes Yes Yes
touchscreen yes no no
works with SDcards that I have yes no, micoSd no, micoSd
works with cabels that I have yes no no
Includes USB cable yes no -20nis
works with udrive gps yes no no
resolution 320x320px 320x240px 320x240px
Works with Salling clicker remote only every thing? Every thing
internal memory 32MB 110MB 110MB
included memory card 1GB (Not really included, I bought it) None -50NIS 2GB microSD
voice dialing no (maybe with 3rd prty software)
GPS (hardware) mouse ( cable is a bit broke) Bluetooth external -450NIS^GPS internal A-GPS
GPS (Sofware)^google-map Udrive Cellcom Nav 23NIS/mo Cellcom Navigator Free?
Flash light no yes no -20 NIS
Audio Port(head phones) 2.5 3.5 (standard) 2.5 -20 NIS | | 1650 + 828 for 36mo GPS | 2160

Total Penalty