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Treo 600 vs 650 vs Nokia E61

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My treo 600 was dying and I was in the market for a new phone/pda. I had very specific requirements, so I wrote my own comparison chart, hopefully this will help others out there.

In the end I got a treo 680 and have been very happy.

UPDATE: I recently upgraded to OSX 10.5 Leopard and sync stopped working!! Now I’m forced to using The Missing Sync*

UPDATE:6th of Nisan, 5769 I’m now starting to hate my t680, it doesn’t sync any more, and the battery only lasts 1/2 a day (If I’m lucky), and sometimes it can’t connect to the network for hours ( not a problem with the network, I tested on other phones, and switched sim cards)

UPDATE:4th of Iyyar, 5769: Looking into getting a Nokia E71 now.

featuremy 600treo 650my treo 680nokia e61
phonebroken1Sometimes doesn’t work1
bluetooth00.5sometimes has connection problems1
dimensions58.42mm x 111.76mm x 22.86mm? 117mm x 69.7mm x 14mm
sound switchyes?
gizmo projectnoyes IM onlyyes VOIP
IMyes AIM toccer free and GizmoProject also free(MSN and AIM).yes 3rd prty software
hebrewyes have piloc**bought new piloc?
IMAPneed chatter $50yes versa mailyes
push mailneed chatter $50maybe with versa mailExchange onlyyes
native osx syncyes pre 10.5/ No after 10.5 unless you use the missing sync*yes
address book photo syncnorequires missing sync, missing sync* $40yes
speaker phoneyesyes
stupid antenamissing screwYes, can be replacedinternalinternal
removable batterynoyesyes
works with SDcards that I haveyesyesno, minisd
works with cabels that I haveyesnoyesno
works with the gps software***yesyesno
Works with Salling clickernoyes but no phone eventsevery thing
internal memory32mb23mb?64mb
voice dialingwith 3rd party softwareyes

*I would not recommend the missing sync, it is not a finished product and it is way over priced. There is really nothing that you can’t do with out it.

**The same PiLoc hebrew works for the 600 and 650, but you need a new version for the 680

*** OY! It looks like UDrive is no longer with us. Another strike against the Treo!