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Converting Office From SVN to Git

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Looks like the day has finally come. At work we are going to try out git office wide on one of our largest projects. This is going to be a test to see if the less technically inclined people in the office can get used to it.

For now it looks like we are going to use git-svn so we can switch back to subversions if the changes don’t stick. I have already been using git-svn to work on almost all of our projects, it’s not perfect, but much better than working with svn straight.


I have tried a few different tools, but I always come back to the command line and magit on emacs, needless to say, those tools might not be the best for the general public, so we need to look into some nice gui interfaces.

So far we are trying out 2, Source Tree, and git tortoise.

Source Tree

Source tree is a nice looking cross platform application. I’ve used it a few times. It handles the usually stuff without much issue.

There is a mac and a windows version, so every one in the office can use the same app. The windows version doesn’t seem to support git-svn, so that is going to be a problem, ( the mac version supports it just fine).

It also seems to work well on repositiories that are located on network drives, not the case for other applications that I tried.

Git tortoise

This is supposed to be a clone of svn tortoise. Most of the window’s users here use svn tortoise so the interface should be familar, but there is no mac version.

It seems to support git-svn but it doesn’t ask for an authors file, so I don’t know how it plans to mach up users.