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Run Ie6 ( and Windows Xp ) for Free on Osx

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This will let you use IE6 ( and XP ) on OSX for free!!

It uses Suns VirtualBox emulator.

I set back the clock so it won’t expire and it seems to work fine…

This will only work on an intel mac , and it is tested on 10.5 ( as well as on XP )

XP_SP2_with_IE6.dmg (755MB)

md5sum : d9e80d9bf8d03a146d35ef56ebef5f2c

More info to come , and check back here for updates.

Update 20th of Elul, 5769

I’ve updated the torrent file to use a http seed so you can keep downloading even when there are no available peers, or you have NAT/Firewall problems. As long as this doesn’t kill my bandwidth usage I’ll keep it going.

Please let me know if things are working or if you have any issues.